Just had lots of caffiene, been up since 5am, heading out to go to my office to get stuck into the day and prepare for the Internet Traffic Formula launch.

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Also, have started on my 12 week challenge to make $10K with a blog. If you want to go watch the live webinar I did on the weekend for my team, go to:


Love product launch time. So exciting.

Lets do this.


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Earthships, a shift in conciousness, new world paradigms - I just came across this video and started watching it. Right up my alley. More commentary to come once I've assimilated this info.

What do you think?


Breaking Through When Fear Arises


Have You Ever Set A Goal And Then Quit?

If you didn’t answer yes, then you’re lying to yourself. We’ve all done it.

What this says to me is one of two things – either I wasn’t committed to that goal in the first place, meaning I didn’t want it bad enough, or that it was something that someone else wanted me to do.

In either case, you didn’t get the job done and you wonder why your life never changes.

In life, we get what we ask for.

You may have heard this statement before and the reality is that its absolutely true, if you believe it. If you don’t believe it, does that not make it true?

Not at all, you simply are just not focusing on it and the results in your life are showing up without you having any conscious control of them. All we are saying here with this statement is that by “asking” for something, you are telling the Universe, or God, or The Force, or whatever you want to call this thing – the Matrix – that where you are right now is not good enough and you want some kind of change.

The only constant is change

Its in the asking for change that the forces of creation are invoked and things begin to move. However, without the belief and conviction behind your asking, nothing ever happens.

So, when you look back over the last 12 months, and you think about the goals and results that you had set for yourself, if they haven’t been completed, its most likely you did not have the conviction, nor the belief behind them to bring about the amount of energy and movement to make it happen.

So you just go on with your life and you make up stories about why you can’t succeed and why you failed in the past so why try again in the future.

Have you ever read the book “The 4-Hour Work Week” ?

Did you know that Timothy Ferris was turned down by 18 publishers before the 19th one gave him a shot and published his book.

Who would have quit after the 7th NO?

Or the 13th rejection?

Same with Colonel Sanders – At the age of 65 he went out with his little chicken recipe and was rejected, laughed at for his weird attire, and told he should give up and just enjoy his retirement  - 1009 times!!!


1009 Times!

Had to say that twice for effect.

I mean talk about commitment, and belief in yourself. Again, who among us could honestly say they might have questioned whether their idea was good enough after 200 rejections. Not the Colonel, and he stayed true to himself and changed the eating habits of millions of people around the world.\

When You Set A Goal, You Change Your Destiny.

When you find yourself at the site of setting yourself a goal, know that you are shaping your future destiny and you are affirming to the world that you want change. Don’t then go out and act in the old ways that have gotten you to where to are today.

Begin to act in new ways. Give your small vision some legs and let it grow. Let the momentum build by walking and talking as if the vision were real. With a clear goal, vision, and purpose, you can move mountains and nothing will stand in the way of you achieving it.

However, you will find that circumstances will now begin to appear before you to test you and to sway you from the path.

The Path Of The Chosen One Is Fraut With Danger

The Squiddies will always come, who are there to put you back in the Matrix before you realize the real truth. You are now in the realms of Neo who is trying to break free from the normality of life, and they don’t like that, so they throw up all kinds of stuff to make go back to you regular life and don’t buck the system.

Go back to your vision.

Go back to your specific outcome that you have set and re-affirm why you want this. Keep going. Keep pushing against this reality and things will begin to change before your very eyes.

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Hey guys,

Tonight I’ve had a very enjoyable meal with my wife, and then followed up with a glass of fine red wine and a spa bath in our back yard. It was such a warm and tropical evening that we just decided to have a nice long soak after a long hot day. Wonderful. That’s real wealth right there.

Whilst sitting back there in the spa, letting the bubbles fill my ears and gently massage my muscles and bones, I began reflecting on the week past and some of the lessons and experiences that I’ve had.

One thing that came to mind is the topic of this blog post – getting your message out there no matter how imperfect you may think it is.

This came from watching the latest episode of a series on TV series called Parenthood, which my wife and I have been watching through since the first series. Haven’t you ever gotten hooked on something and just can’t stop watching it. I mean you can’t stop now, you’ve come so far. Right? You have to keep watching.

I think there’s another blog post topic in that last sentence right there, but the thing that I got from the last episode was there was a character who was the front man in a rock band, and he had shown up on the door step of one of our main characters as the other band members had gotten pissed off with him due to the fact that he had basically flipped out and claimed that they didn’t understand him.

Have you ever done that?

Just felt like you tried something and everyone around you just ridiculed you and maybe even ostracized you for that point of view, or that opinion that you expressed. Or worse, they judged you after all the effort you put into something. You put your balls on the line for something that you believed in and you got them stomped on. Sorry, probably not the best image there.

Well, this guy was totally deflated because he basically wanted his creation, his song that he has been working on, the album that they were all working on, to be totally perfect and great. He was a bit of a perfectionist and just wanted to wait before launching anything until it was all perfect.

Sound familiar?

Haven’t you ever found yourself trying to put out some kind of content on your blog or website and just didn’t want anyone to see it until it was perfectly edited and all the bits were finished. I mean you wanted to take out all the ums and ahs that you recorded in your video so it would be a polished masterpiece.

Let me tell you that is the road to ruin in Internet Marketing terms.

There is a point in your marketing where you want to come across as professional. I totally get that.

However, there is also a way of expressing yourself in your writing and in your videos that shows that you are also a real person and prone to making mistakes. Your videos will not be perfect all the time, but the most important thing is to just get them out there and let the people see them. Or let them read your work.

People are afraid mostly of the reaction that people will have when they read the content that you produce, but the reality is that they will either resonate with your message, no matter how raw you are, or they won’t. And if they don’t they’ll either click away, or they won’t be attracted to your message anyway.

Bottom line folks is that you should not be a perfectionist. To succeed in the Internet Marketing game and to produce content that people actually want to read, and find interesting, is to just be yourself and just get your message out there. You’ll be amazed at what comes back your way when you take this attitude and you focus on just trying to be of service and help people sincerely. That will come through in your videos and in your message, so don’t worry about the odd mistake or sounding weird or looking weird. Just look at David Wood’s hair in some of his videos.

Do you think he cares?

Just do it, and watch what happens.


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