I have been pondering lately on the different ways we humans value and cultivate the three vital commodities of Energy, Time, and Money. We all want more of one or all of these, right?

Well, it occurs to me that nearly every challenge that we face in civilised society can easily be solved or eliminated entirely if we had more of one, or all of these three. Please comment below and tell me if you disagree – I’ve tried to find a situation, but can’t think of one.

With more energy, meaning physical energy in our bodies, we would be able to get more done in our days, and generally feel better about ourselves and our lives. Ask the guy who has had a hard day at work if he’d like more energy.

More time – well, obviously, there is no more time. Just the perception of doing more with the time that we have. So, the key here is to be more productive and more efficient, and free ourselves from the tedious energy draining tasks that don’t enhance our lives.

And the big one – more money. Everyone wants more money. But for most people, they have not clearly defined exactly what more money means, or what the benefits that more money would bring to them. What is more money to you? Have you put a number on it?

What I’m saying here is that we really need to focus on these areas and get clear on exactly what it is that we want, and then set about making the necessary changes in order to bring about an increase in these areas.

We can all have more energy, time and money if we just focused on them. Sadly, for most people, they will just continue on like they always have and continue to complain and tell themselves that if only they had more time, or more money, or more energy, they could finally live the life they’ve always wanted.

What Does It Take?

I’ve basically devoted my focus, including my energy, time and money, on finding ways to get more of these core assets, and then pass these findings on to others. I can think of no better use of my own time than this.

We can dress all the different strategies and techniques up in different forms, but at the end of the day, everything I do and everything I endeavour to help people with is to achieve the ultimate goal of increasing one or all of these three areas.

As a brief and general overview, here is what I’ve found that works:

How To Have More Energy:

  • Rise Early
  • Meditate
  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise/Oxygenate your cells
  • Eat well – alkalise

How To Have More Time:

  • Become aware of the areas of your life where you are wasting time
  • Invest your available time into activities that you deem important, but not necessarily urgent – that is, spend more time doing what you love.
  • Find ways to leverage your income so you can save time by earning more in less time. A JOB often is the biggest time consumer that we all have.

How To Have More Money:

  • Develop your skills and knowledge and build a business around your passions
  • Learn to monetise your skills and passions through your online business
  • Invest your surplus funds in a mix of short term (trading) and long term investments to produce more surplus funds. Reinvest the returns for the compounding factor.


Now these are just a few ideas, but if we just focused on these areas, I think we could develop a pretty amazing life. And you may think that these are so obvious, and basic. I mean everyone knows most of these things right? Why then don’t people have an abundance of all of them?

That is a very good question.

I’ve created the WealthCircles membership for just these types of people. The ones that don’t want to just settle for mediocre levels of these commodities, and are willing to apply their focus and get more of all of them.

If you feel like you are lacking in Energy, then you probably need to do some of the actions described above.

Need more time?

How about a results-focused time management program to finally equip yourself with the skills and systems that can make you a more efficient operator in your life.

Need more money for your lifestyle?

There are many ways to generate a secondary income and there are many ways to increase your financial wealth.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we should talk.

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Just had lots of caffiene, been up since 5am, heading out to go to my office to get stuck into the day and prepare for the Internet Traffic Formula launch.

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Love product launch time. So exciting.

Lets do this.


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Earthships, a shift in conciousness, new world paradigms - I just came across this video and started watching it. Right up my alley. More commentary to come once I've assimilated this info.

What do you think?


Breaking Through When Fear Arises


Have You Ever Set A Goal And Then Quit?

If you didn’t answer yes, then you’re lying to yourself. We’ve all done it.

What this says to me is one of two things – either I wasn’t committed to that goal in the first place, meaning I didn’t want it bad enough, or that it was something that someone else wanted me to do.

In either case, you didn’t get the job done and you wonder why your life never changes.

In life, we get what we ask for.

You may have heard this statement before and the reality is that its absolutely true, if you believe it. If you don’t believe it, does that not make it true?

Not at all, you simply are just not focusing on it and the results in your life are showing up without you having any conscious control of them. All we are saying here with this statement is that by “asking” for something, you are telling the Universe, or God, or The Force, or whatever you want to call this thing – the Matrix – that where you are right now is not good enough and you want some kind of change.

The only constant is change

Its in the asking for change that the forces of creation are invoked and things begin to move. However, without the belief and conviction behind your asking, nothing ever happens.

So, when you look back over the last 12 months, and you think about the goals and results that you had set for yourself, if they haven’t been completed, its most likely you did not have the conviction, nor the belief behind them to bring about the amount of energy and movement to make it happen.

So you just go on with your life and you make up stories about why you can’t succeed and why you failed in the past so why try again in the future.

Have you ever read the book “The 4-Hour Work Week” ?

Did you know that Timothy Ferris was turned down by 18 publishers before the 19th one gave him a shot and published his book.

Who would have quit after the 7th NO?

Or the 13th rejection?

Same with Colonel Sanders – At the age of 65 he went out with his little chicken recipe and was rejected, laughed at for his weird attire, and told he should give up and just enjoy his retirement  - 1009 times!!!


1009 Times!

Had to say that twice for effect.

I mean talk about commitment, and belief in yourself. Again, who among us could honestly say they might have questioned whether their idea was good enough after 200 rejections. Not the Colonel, and he stayed true to himself and changed the eating habits of millions of people around the world.\

When You Set A Goal, You Change Your Destiny.

When you find yourself at the site of setting yourself a goal, know that you are shaping your future destiny and you are affirming to the world that you want change. Don’t then go out and act in the old ways that have gotten you to where to are today.

Begin to act in new ways. Give your small vision some legs and let it grow. Let the momentum build by walking and talking as if the vision were real. With a clear goal, vision, and purpose, you can move mountains and nothing will stand in the way of you achieving it.

However, you will find that circumstances will now begin to appear before you to test you and to sway you from the path.

The Path Of The Chosen One Is Fraut With Danger

The Squiddies will always come, who are there to put you back in the Matrix before you realize the real truth. You are now in the realms of Neo who is trying to break free from the normality of life, and they don’t like that, so they throw up all kinds of stuff to make go back to you regular life and don’t buck the system.

Go back to your vision.

Go back to your specific outcome that you have set and re-affirm why you want this. Keep going. Keep pushing against this reality and things will begin to change before your very eyes.

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