Gard Family Vision

Our ‘Ultimate Life’ Vision

What follows is our own personal “Ultimate Life” vision, written in past tense. This is our vision – my wife (Lisa) and myself – and you may or may not have a similar vision for your own life, however, I am posting it here to be as open and transparent with you, my reader and subscriber, and perhaps by doing so you can get to know me a little better. You may also resonate with some parts of this vision and if so, I’d love to hear from you by leaving your feedback and comments below.

Our Family’s Vision

We are creating a life of freedom and abundance for our family. We live in a beautiful luxury villa on the island of Bali, and also spend 3-6 months each year in Sydney and the Gold Coast in Australia. We generate an ongoing and expanding lifestyle income from our online businesses.

We have investments in Australia and globally and we continually add to our investment portfolio so that we can draw further income to fund our lifestyle and family expenses.

We are building a lifestyle around are business that helps other people with their wealth creation plans and allows them to also become financially empowered to live their life’s vision and purpose.

WealthCircles Financial Pty Ltd in association Empower Network are my primary business vehicles in driving this vision forward. We offer investment and insurance products and advice, as well as a short term trading service, and an online business coaching program and business opportunity. Combined, these products and services are designed to provide anyone with the desire to increase their financial wealth, the tools, resources, and actual strategies to implement a powerful wealth creation plan for themselves.

Our Ideal Business Partner

Our ideal customer, client, affiliate, or partner, is probably very similar us in mindset and ambition. They are aged between 32 and 48, have a family of their own, and they might have large debts through a mortgage or personal credit cards. He or she is working hard but not really satisfied with where their career path is leading, and they want more for their family and their personal life. They are open to new ways of earning an income but are unsure about where to start and how to make all the pieces fit together. They are ready for a change and not afraid to back themselves and work hard to reach their goals.

Although our main financial services business is domiciled in Australia, our business partners come from all over the planet to join with us to build their dreams. However, some of the investment and financial advisory services are geared to Australian investors only. The online business model that we use to grow our income streams has a global reach and is open to anyone.

Our Kids

Our daughter (now 2 years old) will have unlimited opportunities in life and to never be restricted in any way or held back due to financial lack. We will give her the very best educational resources and real life learning experiences from our travels around the world and to guide and support her to grow into a prosperous, independent, confident and productive young woman.

Our Contribution

We contribute in a meaningful way to a community of like-minded wealth creators and entrepreneurs who share similar goals and dreams for their families – i.e. freedom, success and prosperity and to create a lasting legacy for future generations.

Each year and throughout the year, we get together with our tribe of “awesome-preneurs” for masterminding sessions and to learn from each other. We teach, grow and expand our businesses and our wealth creation plans, plus having heaps of fun partying and hanging out together.

Our Home

Our family is living and running our businesses from our home in Bali and each year we host these mastermind sessions for our core team. And its not all work – we have an amazing time surfing, partying, and relaxing, and forming close relationships with this group. The goal of these events is to have fun, to learn new strategies and tactics to grow our businesses, and to clarify and empower our personal visions for success.

We have retired my wife from her job which has allowed her focus both on our family business, as well as pursuing her own online business goals of providing a support community for mums. Additionally, I want her to have the time freedom and resources to be an outstanding mother for our family, and really become the matriarch of the clan.

Our Family Income

In terms of our personal finances, we are now making over $30,000 every month from our online businesses and investments, and we live debt free. Our income and asset base continue to grow each year as we build our team and help others to achieve their own income goals. Our portfolio of shares and property provide additional revenue streams that we use to compound our net wealth.

Our Legacy

When we leave this place, we will leave my family in a financially abundant position that will continue to build and grow for future generations to enjoy. The Gard family will be a strong, secure, and wealthy family for many generations to come.


My Personal Wish

My son, Ethan Gard, has come back into my life to become an active and contributing member of our family, and the family’s future. We love you son, and miss you dearly. Come home.


Our 10-Second Elevator Pitch

This is my standard answer when someone asks me the question: “What Do You Do?”


If you resonate with the personal vision that I’ve shared here with you, then I’d love to connect with you. Why not check out the business model that we are using to bring this vision into reality by going here:

You might even find yourself masterminding (partying) with us in Bali one of these days.