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Running Down A Dream

What a energising and fun run we had today around the lake. Check out this video where I tell you about how I mix my running tunes for a powerful workout or run.

How To Constuct Your 10 Second Elevator Pitch

Very often when you’re out and about, or at an event where there are other people that you want to connect with, either professionally, or personally, you will inevitably meet someone that asks that age old question – “So what do you do?”

I Am One With God

By speaking the name of God in the affirmation that I spoke about in this video, you are invoking the higher energies of life, and regardless of your beliefs, you are in essence acknowledging that part of yourself that is the great mystery. You are – in the words of Dr Wayne Dyer – Letting go, and letting God!

3 Empowering Books That Have Influenced My Life

Leaders are readers – an old saying and one of the secrets of success of all great entrepreneurs around the world.

In our busy lives, its often hard to find the time to read the books that we know will help us reach new levels of prosperity and success in our lives. Yet, buy making time each day to read for at least 30 minutes, you’ll soon find that you’re not only getting new sources of inspiration and ideas for your own life and your business, but you’ll find that your bank power to create personal change and influence those around you will also grow.

In this article, I thought I’d share 3 books that have inspired me and been the catalyst for great change in my life and have literally changed the way that I look at my life and the world at large.

How Witnessing A New Life Being Created Has Transformed My Life

Is there anything else in this world of seemingly random experiences that moves a person so much to transformation and positive change than a new human being born into this world.

Such a sense of possibility. Such an amazing and humbling moment in our lives, that it totally takes the focus off our own life, and onto this new life. Out instincts take over and we suddenly have a purpose and drive in our lives that we’ve never felt before.

Is this the ultimate reason that we are here, or is there something more?

Vote For Yourself – Vote For Freedom

I made this video today just after voting in our state election here in Australia.

Going through this process every year always makes me reflect on my place in the society that I live in.

How To Be A Work From Home Dad That Can Build A Business Whilst Spending Time With Your Kids

If there’s one thing that I struggled with when I gave up my corporate job, it was managing my time spent on building my home based business and still making time for my baby girl. I soon learned to get my priorities straight and discovered that there is a way to do both. These are my top tips on working from home and being a role model for your children.

The Doom And Gloomers Are Out

If you’ve been following my posts recently at WealthCircles Financial, you’ll be aware of my bearish outlook leading into March. The reasons behind this is mainly due to the end of a 6 year cycle, and on an even larger scale there are other factors at play.

How To Generate Income In Retirement

Are you approaching that golden age when you can finally hang up your work boots and leave the workforce, but are not sure how you’re going to produce income during retirement?