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The White Council Leadership Team

In today’s video, I wanted to communicate a little part of my personal vision and, if you resonate with what I’m saying here, to invite you to a little island adventure…

What Is Kalatu: A Behind The Scenes Tour

Blogging as a business opportunity is the most wide open business model there is. You can make it into whatever you want, with the only limits being your own limitless creativity.

Facebook Image Sizes: The Ultimate Guide

I find myself searching for Facebook image sizes quite often so I thought I’d post a really good master reference sheet here for you. Provided by Jon Loomer, this has all the answers.

35 Lifestyle Features You Will Want When You Become Rich

We’ve all had ideas of the ultimate dream home that we’d like to live in one day when we get rich or win the lottery. And you’ve probably bought magazines and watched TV shows on the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Here’s 35 unique and creative dream home design features that might grab your imagination and inspire you to hurry up and reach your goals.

Negative Gearing Investment Property: Is It Still A Worthwhile Strategy?

Negative Gearing an investment property is a common strategy, and it would be a brave government that would take this $12 billion a year tax concession away from Australian property investors just to save on the budget.

This article looks at the two issues at the core of this ongoing debate about whether negative gearing is a valid investment strategy or not.

What Are You Most Proud Of In Your Life Right Now?

We’re always asking questions, whether we’re conscious of it or not, and they control how we feel from moment to moment throughout our day. Wouldn’t it be great if we could take control of this unconscious questioning process and therefore control the way we feel?

3 Habits Of A Successful Life

Here’s a quick video with 3 tips or habits that I recommend you cultivate in your life if you want to have more success and prosperity come in to your life.

Now, I know that sounds a bit cliche and these tips are really nothing new. Some of the simplest concepts are the most powerful only when they are applied.

How To Map A Domain To Kalatu Using Hostgator

The simple steps to map your custom domain name to your Kalatu blog are as follows:

Why The Rocky Movies Inspire Us To Be Great

Remember the Rocky movies? I caught the complete Rocky series on the movie channel last weekend and have been somehow Continue Reading